Coffeе&Gallery Cu29

Since 2017 Gallery Cu29 started long term collaboration with AMcontemporary, gallery and cultural institute located in Basel, working on various projects both in Bulgaria and Switzerland. Coffee and Gallery Cu29 is located in the very centre of Plovdiv, in the heart of the art quarter Kapana. Here you will find artistic environment and various events: exhibitions, workshops, lectures, thematic film screenings, etc. The conception of Cu29 is inspired by events from the 1930s, when our great-grandfather the master coppersmith Petar Tolev opens one of the most popular, for their time, craft shops for brassware. In the place of the old workshop, decades later we decided to create coffee & gallery, as natural continuation of his work, which we have transformed into a creative spot for all who enjoy art and good coffee. The Coffee & Gallery was officially opened at the beginning of June 2016. The objective of Cu29 is on one hand to create a bridge between the old Bulgarian crafts and the current artistic practices related to the creation of contemporary art, and on the other hand, by constantly exhibiting different multidisciplinary artists, to create a sustainable environment for realization of various projects in the field of contemporary art. And all this is happening within the context of an ever necessary turn to the old Bulgarian crafts and creative industries, a starting point for new and contemporary creative searches, moreover, located in the quarter Kapana in the company of good coffee and various craft beers, interesting cocktails and many other delicious temptations.