Global Worm Inc. Exhibition by Kaloyan Iliev – Kokimoto

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Global Worm Inc.* – Kido Character Design
Kaloyan Iliev – Kokimoto
*The title is a word play and a parallel to the “Global Warming”
Kido is Kokimoto’s so-called “well-intentioned pet”, a type of a computer worm, and his name comes from the last word of the program- NetWorm.Win32.Kido. In Zen Buddhism this word means “Energy way“(Ki – energy, Do –way). This worm appeared in my personal computer and more specifically in the Fat32 file system back in 2005. When I became aware of its existence naturally I had to get rid of it. The only possible way to deal with the situation was to put the worm under quarantine. Because if it were to be deleted, it would erase all the important information from the file system as well, since it had replicated itself in it a number of times. So Kido continued to exist in my computer up until 2011 as a “pet” and persisted to replicate in my mind and imagination until it gradually gained an overall appearance and expressive character. This is how 10 years later my pet, already formed as a character with the name Kido, is out of his cage and multiplies many times in pictures, photographs and objects in different forms and dimensions. Thus formed the universal name of the influence of Kido over the artist of the project and all others it affected – namely Global Worm Inc.
*Worm – the lowest three-layered animal; Computer worm (Net-Worm.Win32.Kido) is a self- replicating computer program. Unlike viruses worms don’t infect other files, instead they copy themselves and spread until they completely exhaust your computer’s system resources. Computer worms are malicious programs which copy themselves from one system to another instead of infecting files located in the computer. For example the mass-mailing email worm sends copies to all email addresses that it can find recorded in the infected computer. The Network worm is copied and distributed over the network, the Internet worm spreads via the Internet, and the worm (the well-intended pet Kido) of Kokimoto replicates and spreads via the artist’s works. There is no need to protect yourself from the last-mentioned type just on the contrary it is advisable to obtain an original or a copy of Kido in every one of its forms and then experience the positive effects of it.
*Inc. /From Wikipedia/ Inc. may refer to: Incorporation (business), an abbreviation of Incorporation,
a suffix indicating a corporation.
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