Boris Pramatarov – “On the back of the beast”


Галерия за съвременно изкуство Cu29 има удоволствието да ви покани на откриването на “ON THE BACK OF THE BEAST”, първа самостоятелна изложба на илюстратора Борис Праматаров в Пловдив!


Boris Pramatarov

The constantly changing environment destroys my stability. The evanescent pleasures are my dose obliviousness, but in this lethargy state I become more fragile. I can’t build a fortress on the surface of a river and the unsuccessful trials make me suffer. Considering myself a victim – this is the dark side of my weakness. The fear gives a birth to aggression. I am an afraid animal ready to fight back. The farthest thing that one victim can becomes is attacker. If I imagine my nightmares as beast, I have to know how to tame the carnivore, in order to use its power consciously. This is the only way for me to break the circle victim – attacker. My mortality is my guide.
There is a constant fight in my head. That fight with the monster makes me alive. If I can’t manage to improve my conscious and powers the evil beast will subdue me and I will become the monster. It will be uncontrolled. I will change in villain.
When I try to fight with the animal inside me, I should see in his eyes. If I don’t know it, I can’t become stronger and win the battle. It is important to know my nightmares and to overcome them, otherwise the beast will use them to attack. I am searching without fear at the bottom of my subconscious. I think about the ugliest images there and I try to understand why they exist. When I know myself really well I can try to find happiness, nothing can destroy or change my way. It will not be possible for the fear to frighten me. I can’t see the happiness if I do not know the suffering. Can I know something if I can’t compare it with the opposite? Can I know myself if there is no other people to compare with? May be without the other I will be just animal – searching for food, and looking how to satisfy my lust. The empathy, the dedication and many other human feelings will be unneeded.

Борис Праматаров е един от най-добрите съвременни български илюстратори и художници. Завършва магистърска степен в Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) Белгия. Работи активно в областта на илюстрацията, принт, анимационното кино и печатната графика.

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