FUTURE UNFORGETTABLE – PHASE II On vacation… September – October 2021

On vacation… September – October 2021 Plovdiv Life Vest group exhibition
participants: Dinko Angelov, Mitch Brezounek, Martina Vacheva, Dimitar Genchev, Velizar Dimchev, Krasimira Kirova, Lyubomir Krastev, Valko Chobanov, Dimitar Shopov
September 28 – October 31 – idea by Veselina Sarieva, with the assistance of Velizar Dimchev, curated by the artists
opening: September 28, 18:00 – 20:00
Gallery Cu29, Plovdiv
The exhibition displays works by some of the new-wave Plovdivian artists creating in the field of visual arts. They are part of a self-established artistic community having gradually emerged over the years. They co-participate in various projects and configurations, artistic gestures and pop-up exhibitions. The group of artists has no structured nature, nor is it a legally incorporated entity, but rather represents an informal wide circle of friends, a dynamic living organism that is continuously evolving and sustained over the years. Although most of them work in the same building of studios, the community itself is not linked to the specific location but rather to the ideas, thoughts and friendships it holds. There is an aesthetic and thematic relatedness between some of the artists, but also freedom in the means of expression, modifications, quests, and their growth as authors. Part of the works in the exhibition are pieces that have been exchanged between the artists during the years, while others belong to various collectors.
Organizer: Open Arts Foundation and Sarieva
Partner: Gallery Cu29, Plovdiv
Some of the activities are supported by the National Culture Fund, Municipal Foundation Plovdiv, 2019
In 2021, the project is being implemented with the financial assistance of the Support Programme for Professional Art Organizations of National Culture Fund.

The title FUTURE UNFORGETTABLE is inspired by the drawing from Krassimir Terziev’s art project “Future Unforgettable”, 2018, marker on paper, 28 x 35.5 cm., personal collection.
The name “Plovdiv Life Vest” is inspired by the video work “Plovdiv Life Vest”, 2017 by Dimitar Shopov
photos: Maria Djelebova
Coffe&Gallery Cu29