Marina Genova – Solo exhibition “PRODUCTION LINE EVENTS”

curator: Valko Chobanov

  1. Complex concept with complex words * 

With this project, the artist Marina Genova introduces the audience to the architecture of her inner world, which reverberates segments of both her personal and her professional life as an artist. It is a kind of reality-based story, garnished with elements of magical realism, that traces a reflection on the boundaries between the world of an author as an individual and the world of the art being created by them. The exhibition offers the audience encrypted access to the artist’s intimate thoughts. These are autobiographical references, composed of a multi-layered network of relationships between what Marina Genova thinks and feels personally and what happens to her in parallel professionally.

The central focus of the exhibition is a house full of artworks by Marina Genova, which she has created in the period 2020-2021. Some of them are literally stored in this “home”, and others enliven through the means of animation. Although the exhibition includes some of the already shown works of the artist, it is not retrospective. In this case, these objects act as an illustration of an entirely new narrative that recontextualizes their main function as works of art and draws them into a story les by the author’s personal feelings experienced during the creation of these same artistic objects.

It is questionable to what extent the project could be seen as a solo exhibition of Marina Genova, when the author herself enters into a poetic musical dialogue with these personified objects (albeit fictitious), which have taken on the role of full participants (also inhabitants of this symbolic house). Through this artistic perspective, at once, she empowers herself as the author and creator of the given objects, but also does not prioritize this her function. The period referred by the artist has been extremely intense for her profesionally. In terms of work and generation of artistic content only in this one year she prepared two solo shows and participated in six group exhibitions. And over the span of this time, the very personal perception of her professional experience grew in unison with the melancholy steadily grasping her intimate world.

When one world falls apart, refuge is sought in another. While writing this curatorial statement, which should function as an attempt to explain the ideas and themes in this exhibition, I tried not to come into direct conflict with the issues raised by the artist Marina Genova. Metanarrative, object-oriented ontology, anthropocentrism – these are some of the words that arise in my attempts to make sense of her exhibition. Are these words complex, or could their meaning be expressed simplier? Or is it needed? Or, said in other words, this text “is only what I think sometimes, on certain days, about certain things.” * 2


1 * Problem five from the top 5 problems of Marina Genova as an artist is cited …

2 * Instagram bio of the project PRODUCTION LINE: EVENTS


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